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What to Expect

At Clear Lake Baptist will discover a warm group of real people dedicated to following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. From the moment you walk up to the building you can expect…

To Feel Welcomed

We want to make sure you feel welcomes and a part of what God is doing in our church! We will have greeters at the doors with green lanyards, their job is to serve God by serving you so don't hesitate to ask them or anyone else for help or directions.

To Enjoy Community 

God has built us to share in community and that is exactly what you will find, new friends living life, showing love, and following Jesus together. 

To Worship 

You can join us in worshiping God together with inspirational songs of praise and confession to focus our hearts on honoring God with our voices and with our lives.

To Hear the Truth in Love

The Bible tells us to speak the truth in love. The Bible is God’s truth. At Clear Lake Baptist we seek to explore, understand and apply God’s truth to our lives at every level in a spirit of love. You will find a growing variety of resources to help you grow in God’s truth.